Gila Dweck

Henk Keilman is currently involved in a series of legal proceedings across four jurisdictions: the Netherlands, the Cayman Islands, Poland and the United States. There are four main cases which are interlinked and connected by the same cast of characters. Please see below for an outline of the Gila Dweck dispute.

Gila Dweck

This dispute lies between Keilman’s company Nelux and Gila Dweck (“Dweck”), sister of Isaac Dabah (“Dabah”) and concerns a series of loans made by Nelux totalling $1.5m.

In 1999 and 2000, Keilman provided a series of loans with a total value of approximately $1.5m to Dweck through his company, Nelux. Since issuance of the loans, Dweck has only repaid $179,885 towards the amount owed in interest. No payments have been made towards the principal amount and the outstanding amount owed by Dweck to Keilman is currently over $7m.

Keilman has issued summons to Dweck in the US calling for repayment of the loans.