Henk Keilman


During his diverse career in business, Henk has been active as an investor and manager, holding investments in a varied portfolio of companies domiciled in the Netherlands, Europe and internationally.

In the first phase of his career, he specialised in corporate structures, tax optimisation and business efficiency. Later, he became a successful owner-investor. At the turn of the millennium, he transitioned into a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, making profitable investments in the entertainment, telecommunications, renewable energy, and technology sectors.

His strategic approach was to research a market and break in to it ahead of the curve. Target companies had a strong cash flow, good management and significant growth potential.

Acquiring some of his business contacts from business partner and Israeli lawyer Amnon Shiboleth, the two worked together for over two decades, with Mr Shiboleth leading the negotiations and the legal specifics behind some of Henk’s major investments. Over the years, the two built a successful business relationship. However, this partnership was ultimately terminated due to a series of events and conflicts. In an attempt to recoup Henk’s financial loss as a result of sharp practices against him and his companies by Mr Shiboleth and those related to his firm, there are various legal proceedings in place across four jurisdictions in relation to Henk and his companies. (Please view the “Cases” section of the website for further information on these matters.)

Since 2012, a number of Henk’s companies have entered into bankruptcy. In July 2015 Henk was personally declared bankrupt following an application by Mr Isaac Dabah and individuals/entities affiliated with him.